My setup

I’m always trying new wheels or new trucks, and so I will update this page each time I settle on something. You can find a link to reviews of some of my setup in the list. If you are interested in a review of one piece of my setup or if you have any question, feel free to contact me.

M5 10.9 steel hardware
M5 10.9 steel hardware, nice and strong.


I’m using Bones Red bearings on all my board, or sometime Bones Swiss bearings.

I’m also using locally sourced hardware for several reasons:

  • I have access to many different sizes and it is really useful when you are trying big wedge on your longboard.
  • I’m sure that the quality is good so I’m not scared of breaking any screw. I’m using European 10.9 steel, and it won’t break easily.
  • I like to use metric screws wherever I can.


Street Skating

Mini logo deck setup
Blue and orange Mini Logo deck setup.
  • Mini Logo 8.25″ Deck
  • Mini Logo Grip
  • Mini Logo 8.38″ Trucks
  • Mixed stock and Independent bushings
  • Bones Red bearings
  • Powerslide quad roller wheels – 905206 – 58x33mm, 78A
  • 0.25″ pads
  • Local sourced metric hardware

Pool/Fun Setup

LDP Longboard Setup

My LDP deck with a Bennett Vector in front and a Tracker RTS in the rear. And of course, OJ thunder Juice wheels.
Picture from my offroad OJ Wheels test on Youtube
  • Reshaped/redrilled Freebord deck
  • Stock grip
  • Bennet Vector 5″ front truck
  • Tracker RTS 129mm rear truck
  • Bones Red bearings
  • OJ Thunderjuice 75mm – Read the review of the OJ Wheels
  • Bolzen angled pads
  • Local sourced metric hardware




I also have my other pieces of gear such as old Royal trucks, and my new Surf Rodz TKP trucks (I will review them soon) as well as some hard wheels that I only use in skatepark.


Author: francois