Carver CX Trucks Review

The first encounter with the Carver CX set

The first time I tried Carver Trucks was one day at the skatepark when a guy came

complete carver C7 board
A complete board with a C7 set – Picture from

with a ‘Da Monsta’ board equipped with C7

trucks. I tried his board and had a lot of fun with it, I could make really sharp turns and it felt so smooth and surfy ! But when the guy told me he bough his complete board for about 320€ I though I would never be able to ride one.

Back home I made some research and browsed forums such as trying to find a cheaper alternative way to surf the concrete like an everlasting wave. I heard about the Vector Bennett truck (which I will review it soon) and about the Carver CX which is a little cheaper than the C7 but also was considered as more adapted for ‘pool’ ridding.

Finally I found a shop which sold the CX set for around 100€ and decided I would buy it as it looked like it was really some great trucks.

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I have got new wheels !

losenka Penny style cruiser wheels
Nice grip but look how wide it is.

As I stated in previous posts, in my neighborhood the asphalt is really rough and like to use really soft wheels. Until now I was using cruiser wheels that worked well but where too big (60mm) and of an inadequate shape. Plus they are quite heavy, which doesn’t help with my ollies.


So i looked for wheels that were at the same time soft, small enough and preferably cheap. I know Bones makes some pretty nice old school wheels for rough terrain wisely called Rough Rider but I couldn’t find them at a good price. But I tried something different, I found wheels originally made for quad rollers that were only 58mm big and with a soft durometer (78a). As they were pretty cheap (around 15€ a set) I bought them, I dont risk much.




As you can see on the picture bellow, they look more like regular skateboard wheels than the Penny style wheels I used until now.

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