I think I need a new deck !

When I pressed this deck from maple veneer I had some problem with cross layers drinking a lot of glue and then swelling. I was scared that it would delaminate and I realized when I cut the deck that it did in some spots.

So I put some glue were it had delaminated and pressed it again, and it looked fixed for a while. But


with the heat and the usual abuse that a skateboard deck has to go trough some more delimitation showed up. I was not worried munch and continued using it. But last time I went skating, I landed hard with my foot on the nose while practicing ollies and I heard a crack…

I think I’m going to buy a deck instead of building it this time, industrial deck are lighter because they can apply more pressure than I do and so use less glue. But I still have board building projects like a LDP board and an old school pool deck.




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