Flying Wheels deck LDP review

A good price for a nice shaped deck

I have been looking for a new deck for my LDP (Long Distance Pumping) setup for a while. And while I was browsing the longboard deck section of amazon I saw this Flying Wheels deck on discount.

Flying wheels longboard deck
Classic cruiser shape but way bigger.

At first I was surprised,  about 35€ (~40$) for a 96,5cm (42″) deck is really a cheap price. But as I didn’t want to spend a lot and I loved the kicktail look and the long wheelbase I bought it. Afterward I realized that Flying Wheels is a french brand from the East Coast of France and was pretty happy to be able to buy local.

This deck is not listed on the Flying Wheels website but I think it comes from a former line of products. And that’s  maybe why it was on discount.

According to the Amazon page the wheelbase is supposed to be 823mm but I measured  77,5mm between the inside mounting holes so I think they just only didn’t measure it like they are supposed to.

The shape is not really a LDP standard shape, these days most people use G-Bomb decks with forks or tail-less boards. But in fact, it is still close to one of the most famous LDP deck : the Walkabout, except it has a kicktail.

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DIY Surf Keeyz / Riot plugs alternative

What are Surf Keeyz ?

Surf Keeyz bushings
Picture from

Surf Keeyz are small nylon rings made by Surf Rodz to be used on their trucks. They sit between the bushings and act the same way as spherical bushings except it is not as radical and can be removed easily, but hey can also worn out. They are really hard to find in Europe and I was told by Sickboard client service that they were not being made anymore. I’m not entirely convinced that it is true, I really couldn’t find any when I bought my pair of Surf Rodz TKP trucks but now they are back in stock on Sickboard…

Anyway, I really wanted to try them as it is supposed to make the trucks even better but wasn’t ready to pay like 20€ for some small nylon rings. So I decided to make my own. Continue reading “DIY Surf Keeyz / Riot plugs alternative”

Progress on ollies

Today I was supposed to go to the skatepark with a friend, unfortunately it was raining this morning so I didn’t.

But this afternoon, as the rain had stopped, I decided to go the parking near my house and practice my ollies. I had setup my board for pool/snakerun ridding so it was quite high for ollies (at least for a noob like me). Anyway it went well, I have managed to get a few low speed ollies, I guess watching Aaron Kyro videos helped me.

surf rodz TKP and Losenka wheels
Surf Rodz TKP trucks

This is  the setup I used :

  • Diy deck 8.25″
  • Surf Rodz TKP
  • Losenka wheels (I dont usually use them on pool skating, too soft.)
  • Bones Red
  • Khiro hard risers

I know I might sound cheap, using Losenka wheels but even though they are cheap, they are soft enough to use on rough asphalt (78a), really grippy and fast.

Cruiser wheels like that may no be the best wheels for street skating but where I live the asphalt is really rough.