The Physics of a Skateboard Trick: Why my Ollies are Garbage ?

Ollie video analysis

Today I spend a good time trying to achieve my main objective: pop a decent ollie, preferably while ridding. I shot some videos with my camera so that I could analyse them at home.

I used Tracker to track and model the trajectory of my front and read wheels and my front and back feet, here are the results :

Badly performed ollie
That front foot seem to hover over the deck.

It looks like my front foot is not doing “the drag” correctly, in fact my front foot just follow the board without really having any action on it so it doesn’t level. As you can see in the animated gif, I should not even be able to ollie over a small obstacle as my back wheels doesn’t land farther that from where the front wheels lifted.

The pop isn’t exceptional but the front wheels go high enough to ollie on a curb or a over a small obstacle… if I could level my back wheels.





Now look at this frame taken from a video* of Aaron Kyro doing a nice and smooth ollie. His pop seems to

Now that's an ollie.
Now that’s an ollie.

be stronger but that’s not what struck me the most.

Look at his front foot, the angle is completely different and it actually slide along the grip. That’s how I’m supposed to do, instead of just moving my feet forward, barely touching the deck.

So that’s what I need to work on : the front foot drag.

Then I will be able to focus on getting a better pop, going faster etc… But right now I need to get that part right.

If you have any other advice about how I could improve my ollies, please let me know in the comments bellow, or on twitter @cantskateboard 🙂


*Full video of Aaron Kyro on YouTube : How To Ollie Higher the Easiest Way Tutorial

6 comments on “The Physics of a Skateboard Trick: Why my Ollies are Garbage ?

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  4. your back foot needs to more on the edge of the tail and your correct about sliding your foot but…. your slamming your front down!
    Ok, this is how I explianed it to my son. when you ollie timing is everything but until that is perfected… You want to, for lack of a better term, “float” your foot. what I mean by that try to hold your feet in the air just little bit longer than you feel you should maybe like a tip-in in basketball. Let you feet rest on the board when you cant keep them up any longer dont push down or stomp.

    And most importantly JUMP, JUMP HIGH!
    your hopping in the clip you posted…

    My son’s 5… He is able to ollie up a curb now… so good luck man, you will get it… now matter how good you think you are you can always perfect your ollie

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